Kelliirotica | Sexy Shower time

Kenny was a successful footballer in the British Premier Football Championship. He was the star striker of London Town Rovers, and a sexy pin up to boot.

He was 20 years old, had short cropped blonde hair, a chiselled body like one of those statues of male models in olden days Greece, eyes as blue as the ‘Nautic Blue’ of his brand new Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport that he bought just before his sister’s wedding to that guy off Made in Chelsea. He was sexy alright. He made David Beckham look like Simon Weston on a bad hair day!

When he wasn’t scoring goals as a footballer, Kenny was being connected to various romances in the world of celebrity. There were rumours about him and Candy Lane (touted as the new Cathy Dennis) one week, and then Spumante Visconti (the super model and heiress to the Viscount biscuit business) the next.

But the ironic thing about Kenny was, he played for the other team. Figuratively. Meaning he was a gay. Or as his Dad would say if he knew, ‘A dirty f****** p*** c*** bastard and no son of mine’. His Dad, a former player himself, was a bigot alright, and football was full of them. So Kenny kept it a secret.

He had only had a couple of homosexual incidents in his life up to that point. Once on a football tour when he was 16-years-old, he shared a sweet and tender stolen kiss with another player of the same age. They never saw each other again, but something in Kenny had been awoken.

The other time was when he gnoshed off a complete stranger in some nasty public toilets near Wembley stadium a few years ago.

But that’s nothing compared to what happened one Saturday after a match.

They had just beaten Hull Rovers 5-0, and Kenny had scored all five goals. The team celebrated in the changing room, with Kenny being carried around on their shoulders, and hugged by his teammates. At one point, Kenny enjoyed the hugs a little too much and got a semi. But he managed to disguise it by tucking it slightly between his legs.

Once everyone had filtered out, it was just Kenny left in the changing room. He realised he hadn’t had time to use the communal showers because he had been too busy being congratulated and getting a chob on. So he walked into the showers wearing nothing but a small white towel from John Lewis round his waste, and carrying his Herbal Essences shower gel.

He was lathering his perfectly defined and muscular torso with his shower gel, when he heard someone cough in the other room.

“Who’s that? Is someone there? Asked Kenny.

“Oh hi, it’s just me Kenny. Simon Cagney. Your teammate and first team defender. I was being interviewed by the BBC about the match we just played in, so I’m a little late having my shower.”

“Oh I see. Hi Simon, you ok?”

“Yeah fine thank you. Great game today Ken. You were amazing out there. Unplayable I’d say.”

“Ah thanks Simon, that means a lot coming from a fellow pro”

Simon walked into the shower himself, wearing a similar towel except his was from Matalan, and he had L’Oreal Men Expert Power Shower Gel. Simon was a little taller than Kenny, about 6’2”. And more stickily built. He was 28, balding, and looked a bit like a ripped Bernard Bresslaw. He also had a big cock. About 8 inches long when soft and fatter than a rolled up poster from Athena.

He stood next to Kenny in the large communal showers and started lathering up.

“You’re welcome Ken. I think the new system the gaffer is employing is really working, don’t you?”

“Definitely. That’s four wins on the spin, we look nailed on for place in next season’s League of Foreign Champions that’s for sure. Or better!”

“Yeah I agree.”

“I think what’s crucial, is giving the defence enough protection with the holding midfielder, and then allowing the wingbacks to push on.”

“Yeah I agree” said Simon, now lathering his pelvic area.

“Also, I think we are finally seeing the benefit of the youth policy, with so many youngsters pushing for places, it’s brought a more competitive edge to things while retaining a strong club ethic of togetherness.”

“Yes. I agree with you on that too,” said Simon, now touching his soapy penis.

“And it keeps the wage bill manageable while being able to attract talent in key areas.”

“Yep” said Simon, touching the tip of his penis with his fingers as it grew harder.

“Most of all though, it’s paying off in results and creating a winning mentality,” said Kenny, as he lowered himself onto his knees and put Simon’s massive erect penis inside his mouth, sucking him off till he jizzed into his Kenny’s short cropped hair.

He certainly needed another shower after that!

The End.


©2020 by Kelli! Taylor. Dictated to a nerdy little lad who fancies her but frankly is probably gay so who cares.